The Mattie Project

The Mattie Project




I have a few proven rules I go by in life: Never take financial advice from a poor person, never go to a dentist that has bad teeth, Never learn to fight from someone that has never been in a real fight, Never learn English from a teacher, that their own children can not speak well. The list can go on and on.

I am a martial arts teacher with nearly four decades of experience. My best teachers were ones that were experienced in real fights and focused on the basics. Not theory and an overwhelming amount of techniques and drills, but proven functional concepts.
Don’t memorize, but train to react naturally.
With that in mind, and as I became an English teacher in Japan, I applied those same principles to teaching English. Focus on the basics, don’t memorize, but learn key words and build your conversation naturally and grammar will fall into place gradually from interacting with a native speaker.

I have now been teaching English in Japan nearly 19 years.

I have met English teachers that their own children are poor at English. Bad examples I believe.

Therefore, I decided to lead by example, and the best advertising for my method of teaching is to have my children be native level or above in English. Truly bilingual.
So, my daughter Mattie is proof that my method of English conversion teaching works great.

She is now 10 years old and speaks at near native collegiate level and has passed upper high school level English proficiency tests in grammar and comprehension.
She also speaks native level Japanese.

Below are a few progressive tapes of her through the years.


Below is a video of Mattie through the years of English study.

10 months later….

Four (4) years old and (11) month

Seven (7) years old