We are currently not hiring English teachers.


We are looking for a Japanese person to tutor the teacher’s son in Japanese language.
No salary, English lesson exchange.



30分の翻訳= 30分の英語レッスン。 (自宅およびオンラインで可能)

We are looking for a native speaker of Japanese, that has an intermediate to high skill in English for translations.
This arrangement would be an exchange lesson and no salary.
30 minutes of translation= 30 minutes of English lessons. (At home and online possible)

ピアノの先生。 先生の娘マティーを教えるピアノの先生を探しています。 これは、英語のレッスンで交換するためのものです。
Piano teacher. We are looking for a piano teacher to teach the teacher’s daughter Mattie. This would be for exchange in English lessons. (Plewes Home – Ashikubo)